Welcome to Tyler!

 The City of Tyler is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Tyler is a thriving community located along the prairie in the southwest corner of the great state of Minnesota. Our small friendly city has a population of 1,300 people. It also has a unique downtown business district, high-quality Avera medical center and a diverse, top-notch school district. 

Tyler's Aquatic Center and 18-hole golf course brings visitors from miles around and for the outdoor enthusiast there are plenty of places to hunt, fish, and camp. 

Tyler is known for its Danish heritage. Tyler's Danebod district was originally built up chiefly by Danish settlers and is now listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. 


Mission Statement:  We promote healthy, sustainable growth within our community-personally and professionally.  We strive for excellence keeping our residents safe, secure and informed.  


Pet License Required

If you have a pet, please keep them on a leash and get them licensed! The cost of a license is $3 per year per pet. Licenses can be purchased at City Hall. Please bring a copy of the pet's rabies certificate with you when you come to City Hall to register and license your pet. 
Having a license is a benefit to everyone, including you! If your pet is lost, the tag you receive and place on your pet's collar will help identify who they belong to. The tag also proves that your pet has been vaccinated.
Stop down to City Hall today to get your pet licensed.


Free Land Available for New Home Construction

Tyler Area Regional Development (TRED) has residential properties available for FREE!! That's right FREE!!  

    Here’s how the program works: If you commit to building a home or duplex on one of Tyler Area Regional Development’s (TRED’s) residential properties and meet all Local and State building code requirements, you can get a free, lot of land to build it on. This offer is open to both residents or developers on a first come first serve basis.

Requirements and features of the program include:

  • Homes must be new construction. (roof pitch, size of dwelling, roofing and siding materials, etc. must be approved by the TRED board prior to construction)
  • All homes must be on a full foundation, whether stick-built or modular.  No single/double wide mobile homes. No Tiny homes. No Shouse style homes.
  • An agreement will be entered into between the City of Tyler/TRED and the Buyer.  The agreements specifies that the Buyer has four (4) months to enter into a contract with a building contractor to build a single family residence or duplex on the property. (building plans must be approved by the TRED board) Construction on the home must begin within six (6) months of the date of the agreement, and construction must be completed in eighteen (18) months from the date the purchase agreement is signed. TRED requests that you meet personally with the TRED Board at the time you apply, or soon afterward, so they can meet you and approve the plans for your home.
  • The plans and specifications for the home must first be approved by the City Administrator.
  • A $5,000 deposit shall be paid to TRED.  This deposit will be refunded to the Buyer at the time of closing provided that the Buyer has performed all of the covenants contained in the agreement and all terms of the contract have been completed.
  • After completion of the terms of the contract, the property will be deeded to the Buyer at the time of closing.
  • Infrastructure is available to each property, however the new owner will be responsible for bringing utilities to the house.

Interested parties can contact the Tyler City Office with questions, or 507-247-5556

Click here to view available properties