L to R: James Telgren, Scott Dressen, Joan Jagt, Ken Jensen, Cricket Raschke

City Council

The City of Tyler is governed under the plan of government known in such statutes as optional plan “A". Plan A statutory cities are the most common type of city government in Minnesota. 

The Tyler City Council is composed of a Mayor and four Council members. The Mayor is elected at large and serves a two-year term. The four Council members are also elected at large to serve overlapping four-year terms. The city Clerk and Treasurer are appointed and combined into the office of City Administrator. The City Administrator is responsible for the overall management of the city and its departments and performing all the duties of the office of the Clerk and all the duties of the office of Treasurer. The City Administrator serves under the direction of the Mayor and the City Council.


Tyler City Council meets the first Monday of the Month at 6:00 pm at the Tyler Fire Hall.
The public is Welcome to attend!