Water Department

The City of Tyler is committed to providing quality water services to residents and commercial operations that are connected to the City's water system. Certified operators monitor Tyler’s water system and test the city’s water supply regularly.

Safe and secure high-quality water

Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water

Tyler’s water supply source comes from Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water who is well known for their high quality of water that meets and exceeds state and federal standards for high quality water. The water is then safely stored in our community water tower that was recently constructed in 2011. The city prides itself in its ability to provide clean water to its residents with nearly zero service interuptions.


Tyler's commitment to drinking water quality and protection

Tyler's water is tested daily by Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water and City staff and meets and exceeds state and federal standards. Each year, the City provides an annual consumer confidence report that provides information about water testing results. Testing completed by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) confirms that Tyler's drinking water meets and exceeds all state and federal standards for high-quality water and is in full compliance with the Federal Safe Drinking water Act. Results are a reflection of Tyler's commitment to providing quality water to the community. The consumer report is located within this webpage for your viewing.