Lincoln County Recycling Program


Single Stream Recycling services are provided in the City of Tyler to both Residential and Commercial property owners.


Recycling Collection Schedule and Details
Recycling is picked up every other week on Thursdays. 
  • Place your recycling tote on the curb before 6 am, 4 feet from any obstacles including garbage totes mailboxes, snowbanks, and vehicles.
  • Place items in the tote loosely and make sure all your items can fit into one container. If you have extra items, either wait until your next collection day or you can request an additional recycling tote.
Accepted and Unaccepted Recyclables
View the Lincoln County Recycling Guide for a list of accepted and unaccepted items.  New items have been added such as phone books, office paper, pizza boxes, cartons, and more.


No plastic bags, please!
  • Plastic bags cannot be recycled through the County’s recycling program. Please Recycle plastics bags at businesses such as Wal-Mart and Target or choose re-usable cloth bags to reduce waste.

96-gallon Recycling Totes
The 96-gallon tote is the only size the County offers for residential use. If your tote is damaged or stolen, or you recently moved into the area, please call Public Works at 507-401-7389 and we will have a tote delivered to your home.
Missed Recycling
If you placed your tote on the curb before 6 am and your recycling was missed please call Waste Management at 1-888-960-0008 or Lincoln County at 507-694-1344. If you didn’t place your tote on the curb in time, you may have to wait for the next scheduled pick-up day.
Holiday Schedule
If recycling day falls on a holiday, your recycling will likely be picked-up the following day. Please reference the current recycling calendar or call Lincoln County with questions on pick-up days.
Recycling Fee
Recycling is a service that is paid by property owners through a solid waste property tax assessment. There is no monthly fee on your utility bill. 

Storage of Garbage/Recycling Totes:
Store your garbage and recycling totes in an enclosed building, or for exterior storage, place neatly against either the back or side of the structure with lids fully closed. Your garbage and recycling tote should be moved off the boulevard as soon as possible after collection has been completed.